The Abuse of Doctors’ Notes

This is no more a hidden fact that the doctors’ notes are losing their credibility in schools, colleges and offices. The responsibility of this falls on the shoulder of people who abusing the doctors notes for little benefits. The unethical practice is done just for the sake of avoiding salary deductions on a day off from the work place. How can the ethics of our people go such low?

Fake doctors notes

Fake doctors notes

Give some thought to the troubles you can have if you are caught once in your career presenting a kaiser permanente doctors note.  Your credibility will be lost with the losing value of doctors’ slips. Think about the doctors whose names are used in the fake notes. This brings a big question mark on their reputation and you put their career at stake by putting their names. There is no check and balance on it and people are taking advantage of the easy to download and print excuse letters. You can also get a kaiser permanente note here:

This is a fact that big crimes are started with small lies and little frauds. If you don’t have ethics, your next step could be some serious crime or fraud at your work place when you get a chance. The worst part is that people proudly boast on their cheating and thus influencing other to follow them in fooling their own company.

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